Influenza A

Do you have severe flu symptoms?

Influenza A is a reality and we would like to help you. The study products works on 2 different ways:

1.  The first product destroys the virus

2.  The test product stops replication of the virus inside the cell. 

Age group:  66 – 85

You don’t need any additional diseases to be included in the study, only Influenza A positive result.

Age group:  13 – 65

You can be included in the study if you do have any of the following documented by your primary physician or if we can trace this from your specialist:

*  Any Cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease (including congenital heart disease, chronic heart failure, coronary artery disease, or stroke).

*  Any Chronic lung disease (eg, asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease [COPD] or cystic fibrosis)

*  Any Weakened immune system due to disease or medication (eg, subjects with human immunodeficiency virus [HIV], cancer, or chronic liver or kidney disease, or subjects taking chronic systemic steroids).


What should you do?

Go to your primary physician and if they do give you a script due to possible influenza A, contact us.

We will discuss the study with you, if you do consent, we will test you for the Influenza A virus

Should you be tested positive for Influenza A and fulfil in the criteria, we will include you in the study


If you need to be admitted at a local hospital, contact us and we can also assist with a study in hospital.


Why should you do this?

Be part of an excellent new product that can save many life’s in future and can improve on your current medication.